Allotments in Maidstone

Allotments in Maidstone

Sand Rd

How fortunate are we plotholders in being able to work on our precious plots during Covid lockdown.  Covid rules have been advised when attending the site.

It has encouraged many more to apply for a plot and we have waiting lists for our sites.

Very sadly we have lost some plotholders during these challenging times.

We are renting plots again to those on the waiting list on sites with availability.  Allotments are hard work as advised later, but so rewarding. 

Allotments are so precious in these times of building development and we work hard to ensure their continuance. 

We are very aware and care about our wildlife and encourage plants etc to encourage and save them.  We have wildlife areas on some of our sites now, managed by enthusiastic volunteers.

Welcome to Maidstone Allotments' website   If you are a current plot holder or are new to allotmenteering, we hope this site provides the information you need.

We cover most of the urban area of Maidstone (see the map on the 'Our Sites' page.

We have 10 sites across our area, and most have their own representative(s) and shared manager.  On these sites there are over 700 individual plots.  Plot sizes vary; the average being 10 rods [250 sq mtrs] although we are currently renting out smaller 5 rod plots [125 sq mtrs]. This is proving the right size for newcomers and those who for various reasons struggle to maintain and enjoy a full plot.   To see more details about all the sites, with some photographs, see the 'Our Sites' page.

Time, hard work as well as enthusiasm is needed.  Further information about renting a plot can be found on ‘Frequent Questions’ page.

Although the land is owned by Maidstone Borough Council it is managed on a voluntary basis by Maidstone Allotments Management Committee (MAMC) with the splendid help of reps and volunteers on sites.  This keeps the rental cost low and ensures the continuance of these precious sites.   

Judith Chappell 



Interested in an allotment plot?

If you would like to enquire about having a plot, please email our secretary to be put onto the waiting list.

Please visit the Contact Page for more details.




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