Allotments in Maidstone

Allotments in Maidstone

Sand Rd

Welcome to Maidstone Allotments' website.  If you are a current plot holder or are new to allotmenteering, I hope this site provides the information you need.

We cover most of the urban area of Maidstone (see the map on the 'Our Sites' page), but exclude the urban parishes of Barming, Bearsted and Loose which have their own arrangements.

We have 12 sites across our area, and each has its own representative(s) and shared manager.  On these sites there are over 700 individual plots.  Plot sizes vary; the average being 10 rods [250 sq mtrs] although we are currently renting out smaller 5 rod plots [125 sq mtrs]. This helps cope with our large waiting list, and is proving the right size for newcomers.  To learn more details about all the sites, with some photographs, see the 'Our Sites' page. Time as well as enthusiasm is needed!  Further information about renting and operating a plot may be found on ‘Frequent Questions’ page.

Although the land is owned by Maidstone Borough Council it is managed on a voluntary basis by Maidstone Allotments Management Committee (MAMC).  See ‘Contact Us’ page.

We have 5 allotment shops, selling general fertilisers, compost, etc plus potatoes and onions in January.  We also run a seed ordering service through Kings Seeds.  See ‘Shops’ page.

We hold open meetings for all twice a year (including the AGM), ending with a good speaker.  Afterwards there is always an opportunity to discuss allotment issues in a great social environment.  Individual sites hold barbecues, winter bonfire events and seed/plant swaps. Plus, we have resurrected 'Competitions'

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Enjoy allotmenteering.

Judith Chappell -

 We are currently in the process of bringing the web site up to date and revamping some of its pages. We are hoping to find the space to include regular articles. So if you have any useful tips or observations please forward them to Colin Finnis -


AGM 2016
This year's AGM is on TUESDAY 28th JUNE, 7.30pm
Agenda - Chairman's & Treasurer's Reports, Election of Committee,
Gardening Quiz (with prizes!), and Pay Bar for chats, nibbles, etc

If you are a site rep and interested in being elected onto the management committee please contact Judith Chappell before 17/6/2016.

 See details of this years competitions.

See the 'Latest News' page for ongoing information.

Currently we have vacant plots on the following sites -
Bower Mount Road.
Rocky Hill.
Sandling Road.
Please contact the rep or manager shown on the site pages, or the office -
details on Contact Us page.