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Peacock Butterfly

Welcome to our new Wildlife page

Wildlife is important and precious.   We are fortunate to have these wonderful large open spaces for our allotments, rare in these times with space being lost to buildings and roads.

We have dedicated wildlife areas at four of our sites and these are managed by volunteers for the benefit of wildlife.

We hope to share any useful hints and tips, for Wildlife, on this page.  If any plot holder has any useful hints or tips please send them by email to our secretary.

The MAMC admin team will then review and add them to the website, to share with other plot holders. 


 Bumblebee Watering Station
Article by Jeannette - Rocky Hill Site

You can create a very cheap and simple Bumblebee watering station where bees can land for a safe drink without drowning. All you need is an upturned water butt or dustbin lid or similar.

Fill it with stones just above the water line. In hot weather it will need to be topped up.Wildlife PondBumblebee Watering Station - Photo by Jeannette