Allotments in Maidstone

How to Contact Us

Running an allotment is quite a commitment - requiring regular weekly effort (but the rewards are great!).  

If you would like to have an allotment plot please firstly contact the secretary - using the details below, who will record your details and pass on, or the manager/rep on the site that you are interested in.                       

Your name, address, post code, e mail address and a contact telephone number are all required before we can proceed.   

Please note that only residents who pay council tax to Maidstone Borough Council qualify to rent one of our allotments.

There is currently a waiting list on some sites, so please be prepared to be patient.

Also if you have a query for the secretary, the details are below.

  Roz Baylis - secretary
Telephone 01622 664528
Address  39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, ME14 1HH
Office Hours  9.30 - 13.00. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, but please allow for holidays etc.